Welcome to Yoder's Backyard Structures!

Nestled in the scenic valleys of Burgettstown, PA, just a stone's throw away from Pittsburgh, you'll find a distinctive family-owned business known for its passion and commitment - welcome to Yoder's Backyard Structures. Our legacy, grounded in local roots, revolves around crafting custom-made sheds, gazebos, garages, and more to cater to your diverse needs.

Picture of the truck we use to deliver sheds right to your door.

Quality first

At Yoder's Backyard Structures, we believe in forging bonds that stand the test of time, akin to the sturdy structures we create. Every piece that we curate is not just a structure but an embodiment of superior quality and craftsmanship, hand-built with unwavering dedication by skilled artisans from the neighboring Amish and Mennonite communities in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Our buildings are designed to not just last for generations, but to also tell a timeless tale of craftsmanship and quality.

We want to delight

But our commitment doesn't end with providing exceptional products; we pledge ourselves to delivering top-notch customer service as well. We take the time to understand you, respond to your queries, and guide you in selecting the perfect structure that complements your requirements. Our goal is to transform your purchasing journey into an experience worth cherishing. From handling every minute detail to assisting you in making informed decisions, we ensure your absolute satisfaction with the chosen structure.

Picture of the owner posing with a shed on his truck, ready to go out for an install

Service you can count on

Moreover, we understand that your time is invaluable; hence we guarantee timely delivery and setup, alongside swift responses to any follow-up inquiries. We invite you to witness the difference we can bring to your life. Step into our world and explore our diverse selection today! We are eager to meet you and your family, and to show you why choosing Yoder's Backyard Structures is more than a purchase, it's a lifetime partnership.

Our lot in Burgettstown. We have dozens of sheds in stock and you can come browse anytime.